What are the usual labor signs?

The contractions intensify rather than ease up with activity and aren’t relieved by the change in position or rest.

  • Pain begins in the lower back and spreads to the lower abdomen; it may also radiate to the legs. You may even have diarrhea.
  • Contractions become progressively more frequent and painful, last longer and become more regular.
  • Bloody show is present and is pink to bloody
  • Membranes rupture. You feel a warm gush or steady trickle. Small amounts of discharge are normal at the end of pregnancy.


When should I call the office?

  • Your water breaks, please note the time, amounts, color and odor. Please call right away if you have been told you are positive for group B strep vaginal infection or if the fluid has an odor or is not clear.
  • Your contractions are about 5 minutes apart, lasting 60 seconds long for about 1 hour.
  • Your first labor was very fast; call as soon as you are having regular, painful contractions. Please make sure to remind the physician about your prior labor.
  • You are experiencing pelvic or rectal pressure with contractions.


What are the warning signs that I should look out for?

  • If you have not felt the baby move in several hours, have something sweet to drink, lay on your left side, put your hands on your stomach, and feel for movement. There should be at least 10 movements in an hour. Call if the baby is not moving.
  • If you are bleeding like a period, call your physician.
  • If you have a bad headache that is not relieved by the rest or Tylenol, or visual disturbances.
  • If you have contractions that will not relax.


Who do I call when I have these symptoms?

If this is truly an emergency and if these symptoms are severe, of course, you should call 911 right away. If you are experiencing usual labor symptoms, 24 hours a day, call the office at (518) 783-7070. If the office is closed, it will be forwarded to an operator who will take your message and phone number and the doctor on call will be notified. If you did not get a call back within 10-15 min, please call again and ask operator to get the doctor on the phone for you.